Human health n diseases: Previous Year Questions Part 3


2016 MARCH
1.     Identify the disease shown in the following figure and write the causative organism of the disease.           (Score: 1)
2.     “Blood of a man is tested positive for cannabinoid.”
a.     What are these?
b.     From where these extracted naturally?
c.     Which part of the body is affected by these? (3)
2016 SAY
1.     Answer the questions about the given figure.
a.     Identify the parts X and Y.                          (Score 1)
b.     Name any two types of this molecule.     (Score 1)
2.     Select the odd one out and justify your selection.
Malaria, Gonorrhea, Amoebiasis, Filariasis    (Score 1)
3.     Complete the table by filling a, b, c and d.  (Scores 2)
2017 March
1.     Morphine is said to be an abused drug. Discriminate the terms ‘use’ and ‘abuse’ of drugs based on this example.
2.     Differentiate Active immunity from Passive immunity. Give an example for Passive immunity.    (Scores: 2)
2018 march
1.     Innate immunity is a non-specific type of defense and consists of four types of barriers. Categorize the barriers and give one example for each.
2.     Complete the table given below:

Stomach pain, intestinal perforation
Sore throat, hoarseness
Malignant malaria
Chill, high fever
Chronic inflammation of lymph gland

3.     Consumption of drug and alcohol affects the persons mental and physical health very badly. List the warning signs of alcohol or drug abuse.

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