Environmental issues: Previous Year Questions Part 3


2016 MARCH
1.     Increase in the concentration of toxicants at successive trophic level is called

a)      BOD                              b)  Biomagnification
b)      Eutrophication            d)  Algal Bloom                                                                                                   (Score: 1)
2.     The major pollution in the environment is caused by automobiles. Expand the term CNG. Mention any 2 of its merits. (Scores: 2)
3.     Temperature is generally increasing making the earth a hot plate. Mention any two measures to control global warming.
2016 SAY
1.     Quantity of pollutants increase in successive trophic levels. Observe the flowchart regarding biomagnifications of DDT in an aquatic food chain and answer the following:
a.     What is biomagnification? 
b.     What are the consequences of biomagnification? (Scores: 2)
2.     Adequate waste management is an environmental issue to be considered. Discuss the advantages of Eco-san toilet. (Scores: 2)
MARCH 2017
1.     A common cause of deforestation is slash and burn agriculture.
(a) What is the common name attributed to such type of cultivation?        (Score: l)
(b) Explain how this type of cultivation is practiced?     (Score: 1)
2.     Particulate matter in polluted air is removed by the application of electrostatic precipitator. Explain the working principle of electrostatic precipitator. (Scores: 2)
MARCH 2018
1.     Ozone acts as a shield for absorbing ultraviolet radiations from the Sun.
a.   Name the region of atmosphere where Ozone is seen.
b.   Write the unit used to measure ozone layer.
2.     In 1990s, Delhi ranked 4th among the most polluted cities of the world. What are the parallel steps taken to reduce vehicular pollution?
3.     Increase in the level of greenhouse gases leads to global warming. How can it be controlled?

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