Environmental issues: Previous Year Questions Part 1


2010 MARCH
1.     Destruction of forest leads to the increase of CO2 in atmosphere. Recently Govt. of India instituted an award for individuals or communities from rural areas that shown extraordinary courage and dedication in protecting wildlife.

a.     Identify the award.
b.     Comment on deforestation and reforestation. (2)
2.     Industrial effluents and domestic sewage seriously affect fresh water bodies. For protecting aquatic life Govt. of India recently declared an animal as national aquatic animal.
a.   Identify the animal.
b.   Distinguish biomagnification from eutrophication. (2)
2010 SAY
1.     In 1990s, Delhi ranked 4th among the most polluted cities of the world. But now air quality of Delhi has significantly improved mainly of switching vehicles from diesel to CNG.
a.     Expand CNG.
b.     CNG is better than diesel. Comment. (2)
2.     Greenhouse effect is a naturally occurring phenomenon that is responsible for heating of earth’s surface and atmosphere.
a.     Explain greenhouse effect.
b.     What will happen if there is absolutely no green-house effect over earth’s surface? (2)
2011 MARCH
1.     Arrange the following words into suitable categories in the given table.
Algal bloom, Catalytic converter, Eichhornia, Electrostatic precipitator (2)
Air pollution
Water pollution

2.     Geetha resides in a city nearby a lake. Water from this lake was used for various domestic purposes earlier. Now-a-days, this water become turbid and is with an unpleasant odour.
a.     What can be the reason for this?
b.     Name the scientific term that explains this effect. (2)
2011 SAY
1.     As Head of the Vehicle Department, issue a notice to vehicle owners to observe any two measures to reduce vehicular air pollution and record the merits and demerits of CNG. (3)
2.     Global warming is alarming in the world due to the increase in greenhouse gases. Name two greenhouse gases. (1)
2012 MARCH
1.     The increased use of chemicals like CFCs (Chloro fluro carbons) causes adverse ecological impacts. Why CFCs are considered harmful to the environment? (2)
2.     Meera, an environmental activist, noticed a gradual decline in the population of birds in the open agricultural fields near her place. She has heared of the excessive use of pesticides like DDT around that area.
a.     What might have led to the decline of bird population in that area?
b.     Name the process that has caused this phenomenon. (2)
2012 SAY
1.     Ammu read in the newspaper that BOD of a water body in a nearby village was high and there is algal bloom.
a.     What is BOD?                              
b.     What is algal bloom?
c.     Can you give possible reason for these phenomena? (2)
2.     Prakash parked his car in bright sunlight for a few hours, with glass windows fully raised. After sometime inside of the car was very hot.
a.     Name the phenomenon.
b.     How can you correlate this phenomenon with global warming? (2)


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