Biotechnology-Principles and processes: Previous Year Questions Part 3


2016 MARCH

Observe the sketch of stirred-tank bioreactor and label the parts A, B, C and D. (Scores: 2)
1.     Manipulating with nucleic acid is a trend in Biotechnology.
a)   Name any one organism used as vector.
b)   What is DNA polymerase?          (Scores: 2)
2016 SAY
Electrophoresis is a method commonly used in Biotechnology. Write briefly about Gel Electrophoresis. (2)
1.     Genetic engineering is a promising branch recently developed in biological science.
a.     Expand PCR and name three steps in each cycle.                                                                (Scores: 2)
b.     What is a plasmid? Name three features required for cloning vectors.                              (Scores: 2)
MARCH 2017
1.     Sequences of base pairs in DNA that reads the same on both the strands when the orientation of reading is kept the same are called …………… sequences.   (Score: 1)
2.     (A) The following photograph shows the result of a technique showing the separation of DNA.
a.     Name the technique. 
b.     How the separated DNA is visualized?
c.     DNA fragments of size 500 bp, 1600 bp and 2000 bp are separated by this process. Which fragment will migrate fast? Why? ‘P         (Scores: 1 X 3 = 3)
(B)  Different methods have been suggested to introduce alien DNA into host cells. Give and explain any three methods adopted for this purpose. (Scores: 1 X 3 = 3)
MARCH 2018
1.     The DNA fragments can be separated using gel electrophoresis.
a.   Name the gel used in this technique.
b.   Write the name of technique used to remove the DNA from the gel.
2.     Observe the following figure.
a.     Identify the figure.
b.     What does (i) tetR (ii) rop (iii) ori denote?

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