NEET/ Medical Entrance Questions with answers- The Living World

Entrance Discussion
(Plus One)

1.       How do plants and animals differ in growth pattern?
A.   In plants growth is non-cellular
B.   In animals, growth has a limit
C.   In plants growth is internal
D.   All the above

2.       Growth & reproduction are same in
A.   Amoeba
B. Hydra
C.    Sponge
D. Frog
3.       The sum total of all biochemical reactions taking place inside a living system is 
A.   Metabolism
B. Catabolism
C.    Anabolism
D. Photosynthesis
4.       Select the correct sequence
A.   Cell organelles → Molecules → cells → tissues
B.    Cells → cell organelles → Molecules → tissues
C.    Cells →Molecules → cell organelles → tissues
D.   Molecules → cell organelles → cells → tissues
5.       Number of species described so far is
A.   1.7-1.8 billion
B. 1.7-1.8 million
C.    2.7-3.8 billion
D. 2.7-3.8 million
6.       The father of modern taxonomy is
A.   Hooker
B. Aristotle
C.    Linnaeus
D. Benthem
7.       The study of identification, classification, naming & documentation of organisms is
A.   Taxonomy
B. Systematics
C.    Nomenclature
D. Morphology
8.       The book written by Linnaeus is
A.   Systema Naturae
B. Origin of Species
C.    Philosophie Zoologic
D. None of these

9.       ICBN means
A.   International Code for Biological Nomenclature
B.   International Code for Binomial Nomenclature
C.   International Code for Botanical Nomenclature
D.   Indian Code for Botanical Nomenclature
10.   Which is more correct?
A.   apis indica
B. Apis indica
C.    Apis Indica
D. Apis Indica

11.   Select the correct sequence
A.   Phylum – class – order – family – genus
B.   Kingdom – phylum – class – order 
C.   Order – family – genus – species
D.   All the above
12.   The lowest category is          
A.   Phylum
B. Division
C.    Species
D. Kingdom
13.   Zoological name of housefly is
A.   Musca domestica
B. Musa parasidiaca
C.    Apis indica
D. Apis dorsata
14.   Number of species remained presently on the earth under the genus ‘Homo’ is
A.   1
B. 2
C.    3
D. 4
15.   Housefly and Honeybee come under the phylum
A.   Chordata
B. Annelida
C.    Arthropoda
D. Hemichordata
16.   Lion, leopard and tiger come under
A.   Genus Panthera
B.     Family Felidae
C.    Order Carnivora
D.     Class Mammalia
E.    All above

17.   Hominidae is a
A.   Class
B. Order
C.    Family
D. Genus
18.   Scientific names are generally in
A.   Latin
B. Greek
C.    French
D. None of these
19.   What is true about Mangifera indica Linn.?
A.   Mangifera is the species name
B.   Linn is the generic name
C.   Indica is the specific epithet
D.   Mangifera is the name of author
20.   A collection of preserved plants and animals for study and reference is
A.   Herbarium
B. Museum
C.    Zoological parks
D. Botanical garden
21.   Poaceae and Poales are ------- respectively
A.   Family, order
B.     Order, family
C.    Genus, family
D.     Family, genus
22.   The information on any one taxon is
A.   Monographs
B. Manuals
C.    Flora
D. Key

Answer key

1.       B
2.       A
3.       A
4.       D
5.       B
6.       C
7.       A
8.       A
9.       C
10.   B
11.   D
12.   C
13.   A
14.   A
15.   C
16.   E
17.   C
18.   A
19.   C
20.   B
21.   A
22.   A

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