Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Living World: Model Questions

The Living World: Model Questions

1.       Re-arrange the following in the correct sequence of taxonomical categories
Genus-order- kingdom-family-species-class                       
2.       Analyze the following scientific names
                                                                           i.      panthera Tigris                            ii.    Mangifera Indica
a.        If there any mistake, correct them.
b.       Mention their common name.
3.       Classify the following and indicate the taxon and taxonomic categories: Birds, man, plants, garden pea, flatworms
4.       Classify the following with appropriate titles
Genus, Primata, Chordata, Family, Species, Phylum, Mammalia, Homo, Order, Animalia, Hominidae, Class, Sapiens, Kingdom.
5.       Match the following
a.     Herbarium
    i.         Contrast pair or couplet
b.    Key
  ii.         Information on any one taxon
c.     Monographs
iii.         Highest taxonomic category
d.    Kingdom
 iv.         Storage of collected dried plant specimens
6.       “Consciousness is a defining property of living organisms”. Comment.
7.       “Reproduction can’t be an all inclusive defining characteristics of living organisms”. Comment.
8.       Analyze the following data. Classify them and prepare a table giving suitable titles.
a.        National Botanical Research Institute is an example
b.       Insect boxes
c.        Each plant is labeled with botanical name and family
d.       Collection of animal skeleton
e.        Collection of preserved plants and animals
f.         Collections of living plants for reference and identification purposes

9.       Compare museum and zoological park.  

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