Differences between Transpiration and Guttation

Differences between Transpiration and Guttation (Comparison between Transpiration and Guttation)

1.    Water is lost in the form of water vapour.
Water is lost in the form of liquid droplets.
2.      It occurs through stomata, lenticels and cuticle.
It occurs through hydathodes.
3.      It occurs mostly during the day.
It occurs during the cold hours of night and early morning.
4.      The transpired water is pure.
Guttated water is a dilute solution of both organic and inorganic substances.
5.      It continues even when the plant is under water stress.
It does not occur under conditions of water deficiency.
6.      Excessive transpiration causes wilting.
Excessive guttation does not cause loss of turgidity.
7.      It is controlled by a number of factors, the chief being the opening and closing of stomata.
It continues as long as the adequate supply of water is maintained and the environment is cold and humid.


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