Comparison between Diffusion and Osmosis

Comparison between Diffusion and Osmosis (Major Differences between Diffusion and Osmosis)

It is the movement of particles, molecules or ions from higher concentrated region (higher free energy region) to their lower concentrated region (lower free energy region)
It is the movement of solvent or water from the area of its higher concentrated region to its lower concentrated region through a semi-permeable membrane.
It can occur in any type of medium
It occurs only in liquid medium
Diffusing molecules may be solids, liquids or gases.
It involves the movement of solvent molecules only.
It does not require a semi-permeable membrane.
It requires a semi-permeable membrane.
It is purely dependent upon the free energy of the diffusing substance only.
It depends upon the free energy (chemical potential) of the solvent present on the two sides of the semi-permeable membrane.
Equilibrium in the free energy of diffusing molecules is achieved in the end.
Equilibrium in the free energy of solvent molecules is never achieved.


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