Comparison between Embryo and Endosperm

Embryo and Endosperm: Major Differences

1.      It is formed by fertilized egg (syngamy)
It is formed by fusion of secondary nucleus (triple fusion)
2.      It is always diploid
It is triploid
3.      It gives rise to new plant
It provides nutrition to the developing embryo
4.      Cotyledons, plumule and radicle are formed in embryo
There is no formation of such structures
5.      Embryo is seen in seed
It is only seen in endospermic seeds. Otherwise it degenerates with the formation of seed.
6.      Embryo dies in the absence of endosperm
Endosperm does not die in the absence of embryo
7.      Germination of seed takes place
There is no germination of seed in endosperm

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