Comparison between Self pollination and Cross pollination

Self pollination and Cross pollination: 
Major differences

Self pollination
Cross pollination
1.        Pollen grains are transferred to stigma of same or genetically similar flower.
Pollen grains are transferred to stigma of genetically different flower
2.        Anthers and stigma mature simultaneously
They mature at different time i.e, protandry and protogyny
3.        It occurs in open as well as closed flower
It occurs only in open flower
4.        It is very economical for plants
It is not economical as the plant has to produce large number of pollen grains, nectar, scent and colouration
5.        External agencies are not required
It depends on external agencies
6.        Young ones are homozygous
Young ones are heterozygous
7.        It produces pure lines because of the non-occurrence of genetic recombination
It produces variations due to genetic recombination
8.        It cannot eliminate harmful traits
It can eliminate harmful traits
9.        Useful characters are preserved
Not preserved
10.      No adaptability in the changing environment
It provides adaptability
11.      It cannot introduce new traits
It can introduce new traits
12.      Disease resistance is low
Disease resistance is optimum
13.      There is decrease in yield
It increases the yield
14.      It does not help in the development of new species
Helps in the development of new species

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