Comparison between Somatogenic variations and Blastogenic variations

Somatogenic variations and Blastogenic variations: Major Differences

Somatogenic variations
Blastogenic (Germinal) variations
1.      It involves somatic cells
It involves germ cells of gonads.
2.      It is also called acquired variation as it occurs during the lifespan of an individual.
It occurs in gametogenesis in parents
3.      It is developed in response to changes in environmental factors like temperature, food, humidity, light intensity etc
It is developed due to mutations or recombination of genes
4.      It is not heritable. It has no role in heredity and evolution and is lost with the death of organism.
It is heritable variation. It transmits from one generation to another. It has great role in evolution.
5.      Examples: Better developed muscles in an athlete, gymnastics etc. Development of median eye in the larva of Fundulus fish developing in magnesium chloride containing water.
Examples: Polydactyly in man
Sickle cell anaemia

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