Comparison between quick acting hormones and lag period hormones

Quick acting hormones and Lag period hormones: Major differences
Quick acting hormones
Slow acting (Lag period) hormones
1.      They act immediately after secretion (within a few seconds)
They act after a lag period (may be hours or years)
2.      They are large sized molecules so are not diffusible through cell membrane of target cells.
They are small sized molecules so are diffusible through cell membrane
3.      The hormone receptors are present on the cell membrane of target cells
The hormone receptors are present in cytoplasm
4.      Their mode of action is through cascade effect
Mode of action is through mRNA synthesis.
5.      They will have second messengers such as cyclic AMP (cAMP), IP3 etc.
No second messengers
6.      E.g. Proteinous, peptide and amine hormones
E.g. Steroid hormones

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