Comparison between Enzymes and Hormones

Enzymes and Hormones: Major differences

1.        All enzymes are proteins
They may be proteins, amines or steroids
2.        They are macromolecules with higher molecular weight
They have only low molecular weight
3.        They are non-diffusible through cell membrane
They are diffusible through cell membrane
4.        They either act intracellularly or carried by some ducts to another site
Generally carried by blood to a target organ
5.        Always act as biological catalysts and increases the rate of metabolic physiological processes.
They may be either excitatory or inhibitory in their action
6.        They catalyze reversible reactions
Hormone controlled reactions are not reversible
7.        Reaction rate increases with increase in their concentration up to a limit.
Deficiency or overproduction of hormone causes metabolic disorders or diseases.
8.        They act quickly
Some hormones are quick acting, while some are slow acting with a lag period.
9.        They are not used in metabolic functions
They are used up in metabolic functions.


  1. Something isn't clear for me, How are the enzymes not used in metabolic functions, what about all those enzymes envoloevd in the process of digestion, ( enzymes secreted by the small intestine, stomach etc.....) ?

    1. Enzymes are not used UP in metabolic functions. They remain unchanged in quality or quantity after their action is over.

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