The Most: Related to Animals -6 (Mammals)

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Blue whale

1.         Commonest animal
Homo sapiens (man)
2.         Fastest animal
Cheetah, Acinonyx jubatus (112 km/hr) (found in Africa, Middle East, W. Asia)
3.         Fastest dog
Pertain grey Hound
4.         Highest Mammal
Yak (found in Tibet and China) climbs to 6000 m to feed.
5.         Highest sound (Among Land animals)
Howler monkey (South America; the sound will reach 16 km away)
6.         Largest and heaviest brain
Sperm Whale (around 9 kg)
7.         Largest and heaviest mammal
Blue whale (Average length 30.5 m). Largest ever recorded 33.58 m. Pregnant female may weigh 203 tones
8.         Largest animal
Blue whale (113 ft)
9.         Largest ape
Gorilla (Africa)
10.       Largest bat
Kalong bat
11.       Largest breed of dog
St. Bernard (130 kg)
12.       Largest carnivorous mammal
Kodiak beer (Alaska)
13.       Largest eyeball (among animals)
14.       Largest heart (among animals)
15.       Largest land animal
African elephant
16.       Largest monkey
Pygmy marmoset
17.       Largest primate
18.       Largest RBC in mammal
Elephant (94 µ)
19.       Largest snoring animal
Blue whale
20.       Longest ear (among animals)
African elephant
21.       Longest gestation period
Asian Elephant (Elephas maxima)
22.       Longest horns
Wild Asian Water buffalo (4.24 metres from tip to tip)
23.       Longest jumping animal
24.       Longest neck (on land)
25.       Longest oesophagus
26.       Longest tail (on land)
27.       Lowest blood pressure
Spiny ant eater (Tachyglossus)
28.       Maximum number of teeth
Opossum (50 teeth)
29.       Maximum number of teeth in a placental mammal)
Horse (44 teeth)
30.       Monkey having largest nose
Proboscis monkey
31.       Most Food Consumed (Animal eating maximum food as compared to body size)
Pygmy shrew
32.       Most intelligent ape
33.       Most primitive Hominoid
Homo habilis
34.       Most primitive mammal
Echidna and Duck-billed platypus
35.       Most primitive primate
36.       Organism having largest number of names
Puma (American lion)
37.       Rarest animal
Dosogale fontoynonti (Hedge hog) of East Madagascar
A species of tenrec from Madagascar is only known from a single specimen.
38.       Second most intelligent mammal
39.       Shortest gestation period
American opossum (Diedelphis marsupials)
40.       Slowest mammal
Three-toed sloth (found in South America) covers about 5 m a minute in trees, and only 2 m a minute on the ground.
41.       Smallest ape
42.       Smallest cow
Vetchoor cow
43.       Smallest deer in Asia
Chou singa (4 horns)
44.       Smallest dog
45.       Smallest eyeball (among animals)
46.       Smallest heart
47.       Smallest Land Mammal
Kitti's hog-nosed Bat (Found in Thailand). Wing span 16 cm. weight 1.75 to 2 g
48.       Smallest mammal
Water shrew (Pygmy shrew)
Kitis hog nosed bat (recently discovered smallest mammal- 11/2 g
49.       Smallest mammal
The vulnerable Kitti's Hog-nosed Bat (bumblebee bat; Craseonycteris thonglongyai) from Thailand and Myanmar (30–40 mm in length and 1.5 to 2 g in weight).
Smallest mammal by mass: The Etruscan Shrew (it exceeds the Bumblebee Bat in skull size). Smallest mammal that ever lived: The shrew-like Batodonoides vanhouteni, weighed only 1.3 g.
50.       Smallest Marine Mammal
Probably Heaviside's dolphin (Found in South Atlantic). Length 1.22 m. Weight 41 kg
51.       Smallest primate 
Madame Berthe's Mouse Lemur (Microcebus berthae), found in Madagascar, with an average body length is 92 mm (3.6 in)
52.       Smallest RBC
Tragulus (Mouse deer- 2.5 micro m)
53.       Smallest ruminant mammal
Mouse deer of Africa (Chevrotain, 1 ft high)
54.       Strongest jaw (Among animals)
55.       Tallest animal
Giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis) (Africa)

Kitti's hog nosed bat


  1. Maximum number of teeth in a placental mammal)
    Horse (44 teeth)

    hooo 32 theeth ulla nammalu thanne pallu vedana varumpo anubhavikkanathorkumpo horsinte karyam kashtam thanne....

    Thanks to share some new knowledge about living things Dear...!

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