The Most: Related to Animals -3 (Amphibians)

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1.         Fastest Amphibian (On Land)
Six-linedracerunner (found in USA). can run at 29 kph
2.         Highest elevation frog
It may be Bufo latastii. It was described as Bufo siachinensis by Khan in 1997 who reported that it was from 5238 m in the Karakoram of Pakistan. However StΓΆck et al (2001) points out that the latitude is at least 15' off. Furthermore the two specimens, supposedly from the end of a glacier, were given by another person to Khan. Shinu Village, which is said to be "close" to the type locality, is below 4000 m.
Most likely the highest frog is found in South America (Peru), where a frog in the genus Telmatobius reaches close to or above 5,000 m.
3.         Highest elevation salamander
Pseudoeurycea gadovii which goes above 5000 meters on Volcan Orizaba in Mexico.
4.         Highest lifespan
A Salamandra salamandra lived for 50 years in captivity, and an Andrias japonicus lived for 55 years. An Ambystoma maculatum in nature was estimated from skeletochronology to be 27 years old. A Bufo bufo lived 36 years in captivity (Duellman and Trueb 1986).
5.         Highest Toad
Common toad. One found in Himalayas at 8000 m
6.         Largest Amphibian
Japanese Giant Salamander (Megalobatrachus japonicus)
Average length 1m. Longest ever recorded 1.52 m. Weight 11 to 13 kg.
7.         Largest caecilian
Caecilia thompsoni which reaches 151.5 cm
8.         Largest frog
Goliath Frog (Rana goliath) (Africa, 13 inches)
9.         Largest genus of caecilians
Ichthyophis: more than 30 species.
10.       Largest genus of frogs
Pristimantis. There are more than 400 species in this genus
11.       Largest genus of salamanders
Bolitoglossa (the "web-footed salamanders"): more than 80 species.
12.       Largest Indian frog
Rana tigrina
13.       Largest Newt
Ribbed newt (found in Africa). Length upto 40 cm. Weight 450 g
14.       Largest RBC
Amphiuma (A salamander; 75 m)
15.       Largest salamander
The Chinese giant salamander (Andrias davidianus) Length: 1.8 m
16.       Largest Toad
Probably marinetoad (found in South America). Length 22.9 cm.
17.       Longest gestation period in amphibia
Salamandra atra (36 months)
18.       Most poisonous frog
Golden dart poison frog
(Found in South America). A tiny amount of toxin is enough to kill a man.
19.       Smallest amphibian
South American arrow poison frog
20.       Smallest caecilian
Grandisonia brevis at 11.2 cm but a female of Idiocranium russeli was gravid at 0.90 cm.
21.       Smallest frog
Eleutherodactylus- about 10 mm long (snout- vent length). There are several very small frogs, right about 10 mm SVL, including Psyllophryne didactyla from Brazil and Stumpffia (S. tridactyla for example) from Madagascar. It is difficult to know what the smallest frog is as there are many very small species.
22.       Smallest Newt
Striped newt (found in USA). length 5.1 cm
23.       Smallest salamander
Thorius arboreus the Sierra de Juarez of Oaxaca (achieve sexual maturity at about 15 mm snout to vent length).
24.       Vertebrate class having least number of species
Amphibia (about 3000 spp)

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