The Most: Related to Animals -2 (Fishes)

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1.         Fastest fish
Sail fish (Istiphorus platypterus): 109 km/hr
2.         Heaviest Bony Fish
Ocean sunfish is the heaviest largest ever recorded 2.28 tonnes
3.         Largest Fish (Meat Eating)
Great white shark (the man-eater). Average length up to 4.57 m.
4.         Largest fish (plankton eating)
Whale shark (Rhiniodon typus)
Size: 18m    weight: 39.5 tonnes
5.         Largest fresh water fish
Acipensor (Sturgeon)
6.         Largest group of bony fishes
Teleosts (Advanced ray finned fishes)
7.         Largest Indian carp
Catla (Theila)
8.         Largest sized shark
Rhinodon (21 m)
9.         Longest Bony Fish
Russian sturgeon (Beluga)- Length up to 8 m
10.       Most advanced fish
Lung fishes
11.       Most beautiful fish
Zebra fish (Brachydenio rerio)
12.       Most common food fish
13.       Most common type of caudal fin in bony fish
14.       Most dreadful shark
Great white shark
15.       Most Electric
Electric eel (found in South America). Can produce 400 to 500 volts.
16.       Most primitive fish
17.       Most venomous fish
Stone fish (Synanceja verrucosa), (foundin Indian and Pacific Oceans). Poison carried in spines can cause a person's death within a few hours.
Pupper fish (Tetradon) is also considered as most poisonous.
18.       Slowest fish
Dwarf Sea horse(Hippocampus zosterae): 16m/hr
19.       Smallest animal having vertebral column
Gobby fish (1/2 inch long)
20.       Smallest fish
Pygmy Goby (Pandaka pygmaea; 8-10 mm)
21.       Smallest shark
Pygmy shark
22.       Thickest skin among animals
Whale shark

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