Funny Zoological Names

Scientific name
Common name
1.         Aa
A mollusk
2.         Aaadonta
An endodontoid snail; see Zyzzyxdonta)
3.         Abudefduf
A fish
4.         Aha
A wasp
5.         Alabama
A lepidopteran
6.         Aloha
A bug
7.         Arfia
A dog-like fossil hyaenodont
8.         Argentina
A fish
9.         Ariaspis
A fossil fish
10.       Asia
A coelenterate; nomen nudum
11.       Australia
A parasitic hymenopteran
12.       Babylonia
A mollusk
13.       Batman
A fish
14.       Bugeranus
A bird, the wattled crane
15.       Cannabis
A bird
16.       Chaos
A protozoan
17.       China
An orthopteran
18.       Colombia
A mollusk
19.       Csiro
A tenebrionid beetle from Australia; CSIRO is the abbreviation for Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Organisation
20.       Cuba
A lepidopteran
21.       Cuttysarkus
A fossil lizard
22.       Dasypops
An amphibian
23.       Disaster
An echinoid
24.       Dyaria
A moth
25.       Enema
A scarab beetle
26.       Florida
A bird
27.       Inyoaster
A starfish
28.       Iyaiyai
A fossil fly
29.       Mamma
A mollusk
30.       Mexico
A jumping shore beetle
31.       Ninjameys
A fossil turtle (Etymology: "Ninja, in allusion to that totally rad, fearsome foursome epitomizing shelled success; meys, turtle.")
32.       Notoreas
A lepidopteran
33.       Ochisme
A bug
34.       Oops
An arachnid
35.       Oops
A beetle; described after Agassiz had already proposed Oops for an arachnid
36.       Papa
A bird
37.       Paratype
A lepidopteran
38.       Psorthaspis
A spider wasp with a painful sting
39.       Samba
A bee
40.       Samoa
An arachnid
41.       Sayonara
A fish
42.       Stupidogobius
A fish
43.       Supercrambus
A pyralis moth
44.       Texas
A bug
45.       This
A fly
46.       Townesilitus
A braconid wasp
47.       Trivia
A snail
48.       Yamagutiplectognathotrema
A new name for the preoccupied Plectognathotrematoides Yamaguti
49.       Zyzzyx
A wasp
50.       Zyzzyxdonta
An endodontoid snail with characters the extreme opposite of Aaadonta!
51.       Agra sasquatch
A carabid beetle with big feet
52.       Agra vation
A carabid beetle
53.       Afropolonia tgifi
A chigger
54.       Aha ha
An Australian sphecid wasp; and also Menke's car license plate number!
55.       Aploparakis turdi
A cestode
56.       Apolysis humbugi
A bombyliid fly from Humbug Creek, California
57.       Ba humbugi
A snail from Mba Island, Fiji
58.       Bla nini
A marine nematode
59.       Brachinus aabaaba
A carabid beetle
60.       Brachyanax thelestrephones
A fly; translated from the Greek it means "little chief nipple twister"
61.       Brachyta interrogationis interrogationis

62.       Nigrohumeralisscutellohumeroconjuncta
A cerambycid beetle
63.       Bullisichthys caribbaeus
A fish
64.       Cancelloidokytodermogammarus (Loveninsuskytodermogammarus) loveni
A crustacean
65.       Cartwrightia cartwrighti
A beetle
66.       Castanea inca
A moth
67.       Cavaticovelia aaa
A bug; "aaa" is Hawaiian for lava tube
68.       Cedusa medusa
A bug
69.       Chaos chaos
A protozoan
70.       Chrysops asbestos
A horsefly collected from a mule
71.       Chrysops balzaphire
Another horsefly
72.       Chrysops nigribimbo
Still another horsefly
73.       Colon rectum
A colonid beetle
74.       Dissup irae
A "difficult to see" fossil fly
75.       Doryctes fartus
A braconid wasp
76.       Enema pan
A rhinoceros beetle
77.       Geoballus caputalbus
A millipede named after its collectors, George Ball and Donald Whitehead
78.       Gluteus minimus
A Devonian fossil of uncertain affinities
79.       Gressittia titsadasyi
A horsefly
80.       La cucuracha
A pyralid moth
81.       La paloma
Another pyralid moth
82.       Lalapa lusa
A tiphiid wasp
83.       Leonardo davincii
Another pyralid moth
84.       Mastophora dizzydeani
A spider that uses a sticky ball on the end of a thread to catch its prey
85.       Montypythonoides riversleighensis
A fossil snake
86.       Myzocallis kahawaluokalani
An aphid; in Hawaiian, the name supposedly means "you fish on your side of the lagoon and i'll fish on the other, and no one will fish in the middle"
87.       Orgia nova
A beetle
88.       Parastratiosphecomyia stratiosphecomyoides
A fly
89.       Phthiria relativitae
A fly
90.       Pimeliaphilus podapolipophagus
An acarine
91.       Pisolina yangwanggouensis
A fossil foram
92.       Pison eu
A South American wasp
93.       Pison eyvae
A South American wasp
94.       Polemistus chewbacca
A wasp; named after the "Star Wars" character
95.       Polemistus vaderi
A wasp; named after another "Star Wars" character
96.       Prolasioptera aeschynanthusperottetii
A cecidomyiid fly
97.       Reissa roni
A microbombyliid fly
98.       Rochlingia hitleri
A giant fossil insect; the name is a synonym
99.       Scrotum humanum
A dinosaur
100.    Stenotabanus sputnikulus
A fly; named for Sputnik
101.    Tabanus nippontucki
A horsefly; described during the bombing of Pearl Harbor
102.    Tabanus rhizonshine
Another horsefly
103.    Tabanus yuleanus
A horsefly named after a memorable Christmas day in 1946
104.    Trombicula doremi
Musical chigger number one
105.    Trombicula fasolla
Musical chigger number two
106.    Trombicula fujigmo
Another chigger
107.    Upupa epops
A bird
108.    Villa manillae
A fly

Scrotum humanum

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