Comparison between vertebrates and invertebrates

1.       Notochord is present in the embryo and vertebral column in the adult
Notochord and vertebral column are absent in embryo and adult
2.       Gill slits are present
3.       Nerve cord is single, hollow and non-ganglionated
Nerve cord is double, solid and ganglionated
4.       Cranium is present
5.       Post-anal tail is present
6.       Two pairs of appendages for locomotion
Many pairs when present
7.       Heart is ventral to the alimentary canal
Heart is dorsal to the alimentary canal
8.       Blood flows forward ventrally and backward dorsally
Blood flows forward dorsally and backward ventrally
9.       Haemoglobin is present in RBC
Haemoglobin if present is dissolved in plasma
10.   Endoskeleton is present

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