Monday, March 12, 2012

Comparison between flying birds and flightless birds

Flying birds (Carinatae)
Flightless birds (Ratitae)
1.         Usually small in size
Usually large in size
2.         Well developed wings
Poorly developed wings
3.         Interlocking mechanism in feathers is present
4.         Tail quills are present
5.         Oil gland is present
6.         Well developed flight muscles
Reduced fight muscles
7.         Keel is present in breast bone
8.         Short legs
Long and stout legs
9.         Copulatory organ is absent in males
10.     The young are naked without feathers (altricious)
The young are with feathers (precocious) 
11.     Cosmopolitan distribution (found everywhere)
Discontinuous distribution
12.     E.g. Crow, Columba, Parrot etc
Struthio, Kiwi, Penguine etc

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