Comparison between artery and vein

1.        Direction of blood flow is from heart to other body parts
Direction of blood flow is from body parts to heart
2.        Carries oxygenated (pure) blood (except in pulmonary artery)
Carries deoxygenated (impure) blood (except in pulmonary vein)
3.        Blood flows in high pressure and speed
Blood flows in low pressure and speed
4.        Thicker and more elastic wall
Thinner and less elastic
5.        Narrow lumen
Wide lumen
6.        Deep seated in position
Generally found superficial in position
7.        Valves are absent
8.        Tunica interna (innermost layer) is more developed and elastic. Elongated endothelial cells are present in this layer
Tunica interna is less developed and elastic. Endothelial cells are less flat
9.        Tunica media (middle layer) is more muscular with many elastic fibres
Tunica media is less muscular with few elastic fibres
10.     Tunica externa (outermost layer) is less developed so less strong
Tunica externa is more developed so more strong
11.     After death, arteries become empty
After death, veins will contain blood

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