Sunday, February 19, 2012


1.    Corpora bigemina
Optic lobes (2) of fish to birds
2.    Corpora quadrigemina
4 optic lobes of mammals
3.    Corpora striata
Fibrous tracts under the cerebrum
4.    Corpus epididymis
Middle part
5.    Corpus luteum
Endocrine in the mammalian ovary
6.    Corpus luteum spirum
7.    Corpus luteum verum
Of pregnancy
8.    Corpus albicans
Scar left of corpus luteum
9.    Corpora adipose
Fat bodies
10.Corpus haemerrhagicum
Antrum of follicle containing blood clot in some mammals
11.Corpora cavernosa
Paired erectile columns of the penis
12.Corpus callosum
White band of medullated fibres between cerebral hemispheres of higher mammals and marsupials

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