Poisonous Animals

1.       Blister beetle (Lytta vesicatoria)
Canthridine (poison) causes blisters.
Body hairs of certain insects have basal unicellular glands putting poison, often causing urticarial rash
2.       Stinging insects
They (honey bee, wasps and stinging ants) have poison apparatus
3.       Scorpions
They have a terminal sting and poison glands
4.       Sepia (Cuttlefish)
Its Ink glands are for ‘smoke screening’ rather than poisonous
5.       Hydrozoan Cnidaria (e.g. Physalia)
Sting by their batteries of nematocysts, can paralyze small prey with hypnotoxins
6.       Catfishes
Their poison glands at the bases of the fin rays
7.       Puffer fish (Tetrodon cutcutia)
It has poison glands producing Tetrodotoxin, which blocks sodium ion channels in the cell membranes
8.       Heloderma
The only poisonous lizard. Mild poison in the sublingual salivary glands
9.       Poisonous snakes
Their venom (Poison) glands are modified labial glands
10.     Echidna (Spiny ant eater)
It has crural/ tarsal glands on the legs (Male only)


  1. THere is no frog in ur list..but the most poisonous animal is dart frog,,tarantula,black widow like spider are also poisonous....

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