Foramina/ Fenestra

Name of foramina
Seen in
1.    Foramen of Monro
Between lateral ventricle and diocele
2.    Foramen magnum
In the occipital ring for the exit of spinal cord
3.    Foramen of Magendie
Median and For. Of Luschka, lateral sides of medulla for exist of CSF towards cisterna magna.
4.    Foramen caecum
Behind the tongue from where thyroid gland took off.
5.    Foramen obturator
In the pelvic girdle
6.    Foramen ovalue/ ovalis
A foetal interatrial connection, close at birth
7.    Fenestra ovalis
The oval window of internal ear where stapes fits in
8.    Fenestra rotunda
The round window of bony labyrinth

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