Ducts & Canals

Ducts/ canal
Of which part
1.       Anal canal
In mammalian rectum
2.       Aqueduct of Sylvius (iter)
Between II & IV brain ventricles
3.       Auditory duct or Eustachian/ Pharyngo-tympanic tube
Joins pharynx with middle ear.
4.       Bartholin’s duct
Of the sublingual gland
5.       Bidder’s canal
Connection of testes to kidneys in frog
6.       Bile duct
Duct from gall bladder to duodenum in vertebrates
7.       Canal of Schlemm
Drains extra aqueous humour from anterior eye chamber to maintain intraocular pressure. Blockade of canal causes glaucoma
8.       Cerebrospinal canal
In the spinal cord of vertebrates
9.       Cervical canal
In the vagina of mammal
10.     Cochlear canal
In internal ear of mammal modified for hearing
11.     Collecting duct
In mammalian kidney to collect urine
12.     Cystic duct
Bile duct connecting liver with gall bladder
13.     Duct of Bellini (Papillary duct)
In mammalian kidney that opens on tip of renal papillae. Collecting ducts receiving collecting tubules of nephrons
14.     Ductus choledochus
The bile duct
15.     Ductus endolymphaticus
From membrane, labyrinth to endolymphatic sac
16.     Endolymphatic duct
Starting from vestibule (Sacculus) of internal ear dilated to form endolymphatic sac to store endolymph
17.     Eustachian tube
Refer auditory duct
18.     Haversian canals
In the long bones of mammals for nutrition, excretion and respiration.
19.     Hepatic duct
Originates from hepatocytes in liver and unites with cystic duct from gall bladder
20.     Hepato-panceatic duct
Common duct that conducts juices from pancreas and liver to duodenum
21.     Hyaloids canal
In mammalian eye enveloping vitreous humor
22.     Inguinal canal
In groin region to connect abdominal cavity with scrotal sac
23.     Lachrymal duct
Of tear glands opening at the medial border of the eye; lachrymal glands beneath the upper eyelid
24.     Lactiferous duct
Carrying milk from mammary glands to nipple or teats
25.     Laurer’s canal
In trematodes, a canal leading away from the junction of the oviduct and the Vitelline duct opening externally or in alimentary canal
26.     Lymphatic duct (right)
Longest lymphatic duct running in thoracic cavity of man
27.     Mandibular canal
In lower jaw of mammals
28.     Mullerian duct
As oviduct
29.     Nasolachrymal canal
Connection between inferior nasal meatus and lachrymal sac
30.     Neurenieric canal
A temporary passage connecting the cavity of the nerve cord and the archaenteron in the early embryonic stages of few chordates
31.     Neurenteric canal
Connection between neural tube and archenteron in frog embryo.
32.     Pancreatic duct
Refer Wirsung duct
33.     Papillary duct
Refer duct of Bellini
34.     Parotid duct (Stenson’s duct)
Opening of salivary parotid gland near upper molar
35.     Pharyngo-tympanic tube
Refer auditory duct
36.     Poison canal
Between poison gland and fang of a poisonous snake
37.     Rivinus Duct
Duct of sublingual gland opening near tip of tongue
38.     Schlemm’s canal
A channel in the eye, at the junction of the cornea and the sclera, through which the aqueous humor drains.
39.     Semicircular ducts
In internal ear to balance the body in relation to gravity during circular motion
40.     Stenson’s duct
Refer Parotid duct
41.     Submaxillary duct (Wharton’s duct)
Opening of submaxillary (submandibular) gland near lower molar
42.     Thoracic duct
Lymphatic duct in thorax and abdomen of mammals
43.     Thyroglossal duct
Duct to open thyroid gland on tongue at sulcus terminalis during embryonic period
44.     Vertebrarterial canal
The canal for the vertebral artery between the two heads of the rib and the vertebra in higher vertebrates
45.     Volkman’s canal
Horizontal canals interconnecting Haversian canals
46.     Wharton’s duct
Refer Submaxillary duct
47.     Wirsung duct
Collecting pancreatic juice from pancreas
48.     Wolffian duct
The mesonephric duct; in male amniota as the vas deferens

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