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Biology PowerPoint Presentations

Biology Presentations for plus one

Part-1 Botany

  1. Biological classification
  2. Plant kingdom 
  3. Morphology in flowering plants 
  4. Anatomy in flowering plants 
  5. Cell-The unit of Life 
  6. Cell cycle and cell division
  7. Transport in plants 
  8. Mineral nutrition 
  9. Photosynthesis 
  10. Respiration in plants
  11. Plant growth n development 

Part-2 Zoology 

  1. The living world
  2. Animal Kingdom Part 1
  3. Animal Kingdom Part 2
  4. Structural Organization in Animals Part 1
  5. Structural Organisation in Animals Part 2
  6. Biomolecules
  7. Digestion and Absorption
  8. Breathing and exchange of gases
  9. Body fluids and circulation 
  10. Excretory products and their elimination 
  11. Locomotion and movement
  12. Neural control and co-ordination
  13. Chemical control and co-ordination 

Biology Presentations for plus two

Part-1 Botany

  1. Reproduction in organisms 
  2. Sexual reproduction in flowering plants 
  3. Strategies for enhancement in food production
  4. Biotechnology: Principles and processes
  5. Biotechnology and its applications
  6. Organisms and populations 
  7. Ecosystem
  8. Environmental issues


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