Monday, March 11, 2019

Digestion and Absorption: Previous Year Questions Part 3


2016 MARCH
1.     From the following list, pick out the enzyme, that takes part in carbohydrate digestion.                                 (1)
(Salivary amylase, peptidase, lipase, carboxypeptidase)
2.     In human beings, dentition is heterodont. This condition means
a)   Presence of two types of teeth
b)   Presence of two sets of teeth
c)   Presence of different types of teeth
d)   Teeth are placed in sockets of jaw
MARCH 2017
1.     a)  Observe the diagram and label A and B.
b)  Dental formula of permanent teeth in man is ………………………
i)    2122/2122 ii)  2123/2123
iii)     2102/2102 iv)   2122/2022

2018 MARCH
1)     Name the following:
a.   The antibacterial enzyme present in the saliva of man which helps in prevention of infection.
b.   The digestive enzyme present in saliva.
2)     Protein digestion by proteolytic enzymes is given below:
a.      Name the enzymes marked as A and B.
b.      Identify the gland which secrete these enzymes.

c.       Write the inactive form of the enzymes A and B.

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