Monday, March 11, 2019

Biomolecules: Previous Year Questions Part 3


2016 MARCH
1.     Metabolites are organic compounds constantly utilized in various metabolic activities in the cells.
a)      What are the two types of metabolites in cells?
b)      Give an example for each type of metabolites.
2.     Enzymes are biocatalysts which regulate various biochemical reactions. Illustrate the following reactions.
E+S → ES → E+P                                                       (2)
2017 MARCH
1.     Identify the given biomolecules.                (3)

2018 MARCH
1)     The molecular structure of 2 amino acids are given below name them.
a.            COOH
H – C – NH2
b.            COOH
H – C – NH2
2)     a)  Complete the diagrammatic representation showing the nature of enzyme action:
E+S   ES   …..?......  E+ …...?......
 (a)                          (b)
b)  List out any two factors affecting enzyme activity.
c)  Based on the reaction formulae given below, identify the classes of the enzymes.
        i)  S reduced + S’ oxidised → S oxidised + S’ reduced
             X   Y
         l     l
ii) C – C → X – Y + C = C

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